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Wine Value Chain Member - Tier 2
This is a 12-month membership
This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

This category of membership is available to organisations who are directly connected to the wine value chain (i.e. grape and wine production, logistics and distribution, marketing and sales). This category ensures that the SWR can deliver on its mission to facilitate knowledge sharing, enable practical solutions and inspire sustainable action within the wine value chain.


The following benefits describe the level of access a 'Wine Value Chain Member' receives, which provide members with the opportunity to collaborate and increase knowledge sharing:

Primary benefits

  • Voting rights at Annual General Meeting;
  • Opportunity to stand for Advisory Board;
  • Representative on Membership Engagement Group;
  • Participation in Global Sustainability Reference Standard development;
  • Attend Member Meetings for workstream updates;
  • Priority access to SWR research data and information;
  • Speaking slots at SWR Global Conference Series 2023;
  • Speaking slot at SWR Quarterly Live Panel Discussions;
  • SWR Member Podcast Interview;
  • Speaking slot on Sustainable Wine Radio Show;
  • Invitation to external events;
  • Receive the SWR Members Newsletter and communications;
  • 'SWR Member' logo usage;
  • Brand recognition in materials such as annual reports and on SWR website.

Additional Benefits (Member funded)

  • Co-fund Member Driven Research Projects;
  • Sponsor SWR Conferences and Events;
  • Sponsor SWR Podcasts;
  • Sponsor Sustainable Wine Show.

Annual Dues

Please consult the annual membership dues table below which applies from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. 

Membership fees are calculated based on a pro-rata basis.

    Category                  Worldwide Company Sales            Membership Dues

Tier 1 Companies         Less than £250 thousand                   £315 per year

Tier 2 Companies              Less than £1 million                        £625 per year

Tier 3 Companies                  £1 - £10 million                           £1,875 per year

Tier 4 Companies                £10 - £100 million                        £4,375 per year

Tier 5 Companies           More than £100 million                  £6,250 per year

Total Due:$ 0